The Excursion II: A Poet In the Land of Cruel Intentions

by Cee-Won X

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The result of passionate crate-digging, songwriting that refused to be rushed, exhausting vocal performances, refined musicianship, mourning and the undying desire to be heard and bring about change, "The Excursion II: A Poet In the Land of Cruel Intentions" is the quintessential Cee-Won X record.


released July 4, 2015

.Track(s) 1 produced by Zachy G
.Track(s) 2 produced by MF DOOM
.Track(s) 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11 produced by Shepard
.Track(s) 8 produced by The Other Guys
.Track(s) 3, 4, 5 and 7 co-produced by Cee-Won X
.All songs recorded in Cire's Hall on Planet Damus (Houston, TX)
.All songs Mixed and Mastered by Zac Garren (Salinas, CA)
.Guitar and Bass on "Something's Gotta Give" by Zac Garren
.Turntables, Additional Guitar and Bass by Cee-Won X

-Artwork by Arnela Beslagic
-Mana appears courtesy of Lipstick Revolt
-Naprodamus appears courtesy of Sons of the Tongue
-Cire appears courtesy of Sons of the Tongue
-Jroz appears courtesy of Keep the Feel

Feminist Majority Foundation


MintPress News

Lipstick Revolt

Library Freedom Project

Break Free

Universal Zulu Nation




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Cee-Won X Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Something's Gotta Give (Prod. by Zachy G)
Last night i had a close call. somebody threatened my life, word that couldve been the fall what a crying shame how we live our lives like this, nights like this remind me why i try my best to steer clear from trouble so like a bubble i be busting rhymes cause im tired of working shitty nine to fives so its crunch time. every day its now or never, still gotta beware these cats think they clever (live it up live it up) while you can man, in the mans hands on stolen land is where i stand and everything has been said. Got a call from my homie saying "this is it, got a gig, got a manager kid no sweat" but im still stressed cause i dont know where imma sleep tonight and women problems aint helping im having many. Maggie said she wanted to kick it but she was frontin'.

This morning was something else right, got a call from my mama saying grandma died, not another one. I see these casualties stacking howd this happen?
I called my man up, gave him facts and he said "cee just keep your head up homie we got a L-I-F-E to live just keep it moving man" so i did and here i am now without a plan. Open eyes hurt like ladies giving birth, whats it worth when we all live to die?

Something told me "Cee-Won X youre bigger than this" Was it a lie?
Track Name: Vegan Police (Prod. by MF DOOM)
Blessing the mic with this krylon spit i got a lot to say but ive only got so many days, minutes, seconds, hours. I keep it truth to power. Words wash your mind clean like youre taking a shower (HEY) ladies dont love me yet, i know they'll pretend cause when that fame hits i know my name gets a little nicer. It gets a nice ring suddenly like delivery. Open the door up, i'll let you keep the package cause Posdnuos said that physical dies with time and i dont know why man, no i dont know why (WHY?) everytime i come around brothas wanna clown but im just having a ball im here to (GET DOWN) straight funky with the vibe thats just what it is, feel the rhythm, look alive, cmon move your hips. When was the last time you heard it like this? Who was the last rapper that you couldnt diss? Now riddle me this, go down the list, who's really potent? Who's needed? Who's really dropping knowledge? Who's the illest wheat bread loving mic killer? Who's that kid with many styles? The vegan lover

(I dont know man, I dont know man, I dont know man, I dont know, I dont know, i dont know)

but they call him Cee-Won X! Word up the best in your perimeter, hes taking over with the Sons of the Tongue (Who?)

(I dont know man, I dont know man, I dont know man, I dont know, I dont know, i dont know)

but they call me Cee-Won X and ill never-ever rest until im heard and getting fed off my raps (eating!)
Frustrated cause all these wack rappers get the shine, they got fans and go on tour the whole nine but i dont mind too much cause imma get mines, my word is law you cant stop the prophet. 500 deep and we keeping it live, rocking. Bigger than this rap shit i bring the change, knock it. I know you will, appreciated is hated first so do your worst. I welcome your words cause they dont really mean much. Who are you to tell me who i be? You stay hitting with all that negativity. You think you're free but you're a prisoner to hate. Vacate my space with that knowledge you lack. Come back and see me when you on the right track kid. i wish you well, really i do this is all true. I keep it moving, reminiscing on some better days. Wrong time right place my friend.

(I dont know man, I dont know man, I dont know man, I dont know, I dont know, i dont know)
Track Name: Work (Prod. by Shepard)
sometimes i feel like Neo in the Matrix (youre living in a dream world Cee!)
I cant take it. Toxicity from society fighting me, lifes unstable, Yet here i am wrecking with no record label. Burning down competition like that Quick Trip in Ferguson. No wonder why i cant ever catch a break.
Wanna be's wanna beef but they can wait, too busy being great, no debate how i formulate iller than the average. Someday these rhymes that i create will take me traveling around the world and back again. I been sleeping on the couch and im tired of it. Nas said the world is mine, recognize im divine. Diet ive un-swined, quiet while i rhyme, used to have a hard time writing. My mind was trying to fit on a page but im tired of nine to five-ing. Really though, why should i have to get a job if im this dope? why do we live like this? define "work". I know it aint about a check, im broke but i got respect, am i really wrong when a wrong world says so?

Pay attention to the message you send, they got you trapped blind from the facts on who you are. Watching garbage they taught you nonsense. They took away your native tongue and taught english to your youngins. You stuck following trends like its nothing, you claim humane then stay away from love, above all else you push, shove and hold strong to that grudge. I try to save you but you wont budge, listen. You contradicting like rebels joining the mans army then got the nerve to say "Cee this is what you need" Hush young brother you dont know me and you sure as hell dont know yourself. Go pay your dues my dude, always asking where i work i say rap is what i do. It pays in ways you couldnt fathom its true. Material prize, fat lies, your demise. Whatever it takes thru american eyes. That'll be the reason why you fall from grace. Ready to disgrace for first place in monetary gain, the games been played, results the same, that paper chase aint nothing but a rat race. Slave to the dollar then you die, what a life, all gravy right? so long as you're living Hi-def. I repeat, i repeat, I dont want that dream. I cant take it yall. I never work for free.

My rents a few months late, whatever will i do? Big mistake (Ohhh)
with every move i make i see im being watched. I can feel the pressure, you dare to differ and they come to get you. I even thought of moving in with this white chick, i kinda liked but there goes my daily reminder, i got (soul power, never took a cold shower, never had a girlfriend the color of cooking flower) plus she was 29 and i was 19. I never minded being the teen but she was buggin worse than Q-Tip and Phife on the Low End, trife, got me open. Im done with that, no ill will, im growing. On to the break of dawn doing my job, exposing phony emcees and making love to these beats. Soon to be further proof that dreams come true. B-Boy for life, fuck a suit and a tie.
Track Name: Televised, Pt. 3 (feat. Naprodamus) (Prod. by Shepard)
Words from the wise wont be televised
got lies from the man tryna hypnotize
yall dont know why. yet you follow like that idiot box is god
word is law i wont stop there. all is good so long as you look fair
judged at birth so your skin is worth (worth what?)
a world of difference in the land of crooks
you hate drug dealers yet you dont blame the white devil that set the trap
of course the want a brother on crack
of course they want a sister calling herself "Bitch"
glued to screens that fit in out back pocket
pigs moving like militia down in ferguson killing black folks
how you justify that tho?
what happened to peace?
these streets aint safe
ducking bullets from out neighbors and dodging the cops
enough is enough no justice no peace
Fuck police

The revolution is here, evil beware, how long you think this shitt will last its time to unify the mass.
Voltron, assembled time to rock the spot yo mr white in the suit let me ask you this
why every time a black man take a stand he's "violent"
why the of color victim gotta have a criminal past?
think fast, quicker than barry the flash (thats that)
full blast, the way we come lyrically maxed (laugh last)
in god they trust but what god do they trust in? worshipping duckets, criminal funding.
the facts make me sicker than pork on a stick
but keep me motivated like women impressed
blessed, but still we got no time to rest
your authority means nothing to gods and kings
cee-won x breaking on the set as if my name was Abby Martin
Adidas on my feet cause talk is cheap, im buggin

I can see now (you are the one on the run) I can see now
Track Name: Dare to Differ (Prod. by Shepard)
For all the militant minds of the world
For all the radicals who dare to differ in thought

I get so vexed
working my ass off for nothing
or so it seems
been holding on to these dreams
but lately i dont know if my talent is gonna cut it
moms filling my mind up with prejudice shit
and my granny's gone now so i lost a lot of motive
i'll never see her face when my record"s in stores
that was the pay off
that money don't mean much
keeps a brotha fed but you can keep it instead cause on my death bed i'll wonder why i wasted my life
voice in my head saying "kid you cant do it"
but a bigger part of me knows better and goes through it
i knew it all but then i grew and saw that i was wrong
A common issue with the minds of the young
see we are taught american ways
American is better right?
shame society and change the system
blame is not important but i see the urge for it
In every human being cause pride won't let you be the victim

(get em, get em, get em, get em, get em, get em, get em)
(stronger than pride, stronger than teflon)

You point the finger saying "get em" but "get em"only gets you back
You can run but you can't hide
"Get em" only gets you back

Well i come through yes i do after one-two, check on the microphone
Si, Its true that i can't
Part the sea or fly with wings but i can grab the M-I-C and make you question beliefs and that is di-vin-e
I'm something G-O-D-Lee
You don't even know it, like a poet i show it
While i so-socialize i pick up your lies like i was scooby and the gang investigating your crimes
Navigating the blind
I'm kind
I'm all me
No need
To resist with friction
I'm better than what your, I'm better than what your, I'm better than what-I'm better than what your YouTube views can amount to

I believe yous a chump no need to ask why
Mr anchor says "jump" you say "how high?"

For all the militant minds of the world
For all the radicals who dare to differ in thought

No more paying dues
Something's gotta give
Hey yo i wonder how much longer do i got to live?
and when I'm gone will you think of me as something big?
will i receive the type of hype that i wanted to get?
will my people mourn?
will my people forgive?
somehow i feel like they won't even care for me then
but theres no use in crying over milk that aint spilt yet
clean out your ears so i can open up your mindset
the way i drop you to the ground, son
science with such force is power, look around some
silence from one man is catchy so don't act dumb
well well where do we go from here?
watch me paint a picture that you'll never forget
as i spit a little something that i know you can dig
party people in the house can i get a yeah?
Right on
Track Name: Refoundation (feat. Jroz and Cire) (Prod. by The Other Guys)
Verse 2 (Jroz):
'Cause they shady looking cloudy
Unsteady like a hockey puck
If you frontin, then get from ‘round me
If you not true you not cool
I lace it all together beautifully through the Haiku
I do this for you who can relate
N’ see through the eyes that penetrate through the fake
They shake like the tails on a rattle snake
The ceremony is my ritual so I don’t have to fabricate
Throw my name up with spray, and get it on the break,
This is more than press play, this is turntablism
Roam the earth know your worth n’ puff the izm
Love is wisdom, that’s why I kick it on the rhythm to get you open
Unthaw the frozen n’ keep that light glowing n the mic open
‘Cause they try to shut us down, from the spots to the sound
We tell the crowd to gather ‘round n’ these choppers wanna watch us
But we just chill like.. recording in garages to rock your backyard
boogie freestylin’ in parking lots it’s what I do
That pure, rock with sneeze never had swag
Ain’t hyphee but keep the crowd hype with the raps that I stack
Track Name: Recognize (feat. Mana) (Prod. by Shepard)
Verse 2:
Recognize, mesmerized by the lies, boom surprise
I despise nothing, but hey there’s things I boo a lot
You a cop? You got shot, now your scars will rue our thoughts.
Think that I hate you? Looking for the peace forgot the piece you brought
Makes us feel no different than the heartless crooks that you done locked
Whose on clock? Healings from within, and you are not.

Beggo ageh mano meeshnasy, (Tell me do you recognize)
Yek dokhtareh irani, (This Iranian girl)
Gharar bood jam shan mesle reeyazee, (it was planned for them to come together like math)
Shomareha hey meeran bala be khially (the numbers increase without putting any effort)
Che shekly cheshmeshoono meebandan be zeebaii (How do they close their eyes to such beauty)
Agar meedonesti, sarneveshteto khodet neveshti (If only you knew you write your own fate)
Farda baz ham biad ba emtehanhaye ziad (Tomorrow will be here with new tests of life)
Havaset basheh takhsheeh vala meedad (if you pay attention you’ll recognize the moments that you Baraye moghehayee ke mikhasti dobareh biad (wanted to come back will come back)